Sharon (lap_of_the_gods) wrote in pbreak_addicts,

New community you might be interested in!

Hi there!

I wanted to tell you about a new community you might be interested in. It’s called whump_paradise and it’s connected to a forum I run called Whumper’s Paradise.

This is a multi-fandom comm/forum for anything whump (or hurt/comfort if you prefer that term!) related, such as fics, graphics, discussion etc. All are welcome, and we have many fandoms currently, but we could always use more! I'm a HUGE PB fan (and a mod on a PB forum) - we have a PB section, but you can never have enough IMO - which is where you guys come in! :D

I should make it clear that my comm isn’t intended to replace any others in any way, shape or form; it’s here to compliment them. It’s a chance to share your thoughts and works with an alternative audience!  I'm particularly interested in whumpy PB fic recs!

General info can be found in this thread. We hope to see you there soon!

Mods – I’m happy to affiliate with this comm if you’d like to. I didn't 'apply' as I'm not directly a PB comm, but would love to be associate with you! :D Obviously I'd also mention that I've told this comm about it - it's all advertising for you guys too, as I love this comm! Even if I'm a habitual lurker most of the time! LOL.

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